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What do Iceland, codfish, and East Liverpool Health System all have in common? Two Ohio Valley men have that answer.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been known to improve a person’s hair, skin, and even reduce the risk of heart disease — but representatives from East Liverpool Health System have learned about some more benefits they can have.

During a week-long trip to Iceland, Rick Perez of East Liverpool and Jim Emmerling of Steubenville worked with Kerecis — a company that Perez says is changing the wound-care treatment process. The group traveled to the fjords, spent time in the North Atlantic catching cod, and analyzed the effects that cod can have on a human’s wounds.

Kerecis has created a product called Kerecis Omega-3, an advanced biotechnology that can convert a body’s cells into living tissue. This helps wounds close at much faster rates.

Where do the cod come into play? The product is made from intact skin that comes right off of the cod they caught in the North Atlantic. On top of that, this process is done while sustaining the ecology of the region.

Back home, this treatment is already being put into practice. In fact, East Liverpool Health System is in the midst of a two-year agreement with Kerecis, making the hospital the only medical facility within a 48.5-mile radius to facilitate the procedure.

When Perez and Emmerling return home, 7News will provide a further update on their research trip.