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OB/GYN Services

River Valley Physicians’s Obstetricians and Gynecologists provide comprehensive services for women throughout their lives. These caring individuals will partner with you to provide the appropriate treatments and exams to maintain your physical health. Furthermore, our providers will care for you by offering the advice, counseling and support that are essential to your care and overall well-being.

OB/GYN Services

Care For Young Women

The health care professionals at River Valley Physicians OB/GYN office provide advice and counseling for all female health issues. Office visits include annual exams, birth control advice, prescriptions and procedures. The physicians also diagnose and treat sexually transmitted diseases.

Care Throughout Pregnancy

Your relationship with these providers begins before your pregnancy, with prenatal care which may include advice and treatment for women wanting to become pregnant. During your pregnancy, you will develop a trusting relationship with your physician as the growth and development of the fetus is monitored.

Care for Women Throughout Their Lives

Your gynecologists can help diagnose many physical ailments; abnormal bleeding, urinary, bladder and rectal conditions, pelvic floor weakness, and osteoporosis and related conditions. River Valley Physicians’s women’s health providers are there for you before, during, and after menopause.

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OB/GYN Services

Advice, Counseling and Support

Our providers will discuss health related topics such as Breast feeding, painful intercourse, and proper nutrition during pregnancy, treatments available for symptoms during menopause, and much more.

Annual Exams

Your provider will screen you for serious medical conditions by performing regular pap tests and breast exams.

Diagnose Conditions and Provide Medical Options to Patients

You can seek help in treating painful urination, difficulty urinating, painful intercourse and painful bowel movements.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

The therapy is used to treat conditions brought on by menopause, such as hot flashes and inflammation of the vagina and outer urinary tract. Those conditions can cause vaginal soreness, painful intercourse and bleeding after intercourse.


Your provider will discuss the medical options you have for treating symptoms, which may include a change in diet, over the counter medications, prescription medications, and hormone replacement therapy.

Menstrual Disorders

Your provider will discuss your options with you, which may include dietary changes, pain relievers, prescription medications and surgical procedures.


Your bone health is important to your quality of life, enabling you to do what you want to do as you age. The providers at River Valley Physicians will help to evaluate your bone density as you age, and encourage you to perform regular weight bearing exercises, discuss proper diet and may request that you add certain supplements and prescriptions as you age.


Medications can be prescribed for birth control, treatment for menstrual disorders, osteoporosis, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted diseases, Surgical procedures – Surgeries are performed for medical conditions affecting the bladder, rectum, pelvic floor, and in the instance of a uterine and/or rectal prolapse and C-sections.