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Women’s Health

ELCH provides you and your family with the best overall hospital experience through state-of-the-art equipment and caring professionals. Partnerships with regional physicians from Mercy Health for heart health are some of the services available at ELCH with your care in mind.

Education Classes

East Liverpool Health System has created classes for the community to provide women with information and knowledge for first time mothers, for caring of family members with diseases and medical diagnosis and for protecting your family in the event of medical emergencies. Our desire is to improve the confidence of the people within our community by instilling knowledge and understanding in caring for your loved ones.
For further information contact us at 330-385-7200.


womens-healthCenter for Breast Care

The Center for Breast Care has been renovated to differentiate our care from other area mammogram suites by providing patients with a very positive experience. The waiting room is inviting and relaxing with comfortable amenities and beverages. The private changing rooms include fluffy, warm white robes.

3D Imagery for Your Baby

ELCH recently acquired a new ultrasound machine that takes 3-D/4-D images. The technology improves our diagnostic capabilities by enabling staff to view more granular images and it displays two different perspectives of the same section of tissue. The equipment also improves overall patient satisfaction, by taking less time to scan images. ELCH is using the ultrasound technology to perform prenatal wellness visits by examining the health of babies while they develop in the womb.

What We Offer


Mammography is performed digitally at ELCH. Digitally captured images are performed more quickly and images are archived electronically and in greater detail resulting in fewer patient call backs. Mammography uses low dose radiation, and it can detect breast cancer in its earliest form, much earlier than self-examinations. It should be noted that self-exams still need to be performed in conjunction with annual mammograms.

GYN Physicians

Our local area doctors have cared for women throughout their life. Reproductive health includes preventative health screens and exams, surgical procedures, and family planning. The physicians help women during their pregnancy by monitoring the health of their unborn child with ultrasounds. They also help women manage high risk pregnancies. Albert Payne, M.D. is an OB/GYN physician and he works out of the Women’s Health office on St. Clair. Dr. Wright, a Gynecologist, works out of this same office. An appointment can be made by calling 330-385-6654.

Family Physicians

The River Valley Physicians is a good place to start your journey to better overall health. Kimberly Jackson, D.O., Morgan Jones, CNP, and the Family Medicine Residents have the expertise to perform health checks, wellness visits, vaccinations, diagnose various medical conditions and perform minor procedures right in the office for you and your family. As family practice physicians, they can begin seeing your infant children and partner with you and your family throughout your life. They are your partners in care. You can make an appointment by calling 330-932-0183.