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Many local residents unnecessarily travel to Cleveland or Pittsburgh to have biopsies, arm ports, and dialysis catheters. ELCH has the capability to perform these same interventional radiology procedures right here at home.

The ELCH radiology department also performs mammography, 3-D/4-D ultrasounds, Nuclear Medicine, CT Scans, MRIs and fluoroscopy or x-rays.
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Interventional Radiology Expertise

Dr. Trecha, the Chairman of Radiology has the experience to perform medical procedures that distinguishes us from other area hospitals. His access to members within the Foundation Radiology Group provides expertise to diagnose and treat patients across specialized areas of medicine.

The Center for Breast Care

The Center for Breast Care has been renovated to differentiate our care from other area mammogram suites by providing patients with a very positive experience. The waiting room is inviting and relaxing with comfortable amenities and beverages. The private changing rooms include fluffy, warm white robes.

ELCH Updates Ultrasound Equipment

ELCH acquired a new ultrasound machine that takes 3-D/4-D images. The technology improves diagnostic capabilities by enabling staff to view more granular images and it displays two different perspectives of the same section of tissue. The equipment also improves patient satisfaction, by taking less time to scan images. ELCH is using the ultrasound technology to perform prenatal wellness visits.


Ultrasounds use high frequency sound waves to produce cross-sectional images of internal organs, breast tissue and developing fetuses.


Mammography is performed digitally at ELCH. Digitally captured images are performed more quickly and images are archived electronically and in greater detail resulting in fewer patient call backs. Mammography uses low dose radiation, and it can detect breast cancer in its earliest form, much earlier than self-examinations. It should be noted that self-exams still need to be performed in conjunction with annual mammograms.

CT Scan

CT Scans allow technologists to obtain detailed layered images of the any area of the body through the use of computerized x-ray equipment. ELCH utilizes a 64-slice CT scanner, which is capable of showing tremendous detail within the body; such as arteries within the body.

Fluoroscopy and X-rays

Fluoroscopy and x-rays collect images of internal organs. A physician and technician can use fluoroscopy to look for ulcers and tumors or for the placement of medical devices.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine produces images of organs for diagnosis of cancer, heart disease and other medical problems through the use of radioisotopes. Doctors will be able to see what a specific area of the body looks like and whether the organ or tissue is functioning properly. This method is used to look for cancers, problems with the thyroid, bone fractures and heart disease.


MRIs use magnets, radio waves and computers to capture layered cross-sectional images of organs and tissues. MRI’s are exceptional at diagnosing problems associated soft tissue including ligament tears, strokes and tumors.

Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology offers a wide variety of services that provide the best option for obtaining diagnostic samples, alleviating pain, performing medical procedures and surgeries.