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Family Medicine Residency

Our Mission

The mission of the East Liverpool City Hospital Family Medicine residency program is to provide residents of the tri-state area high-quality, compassionate health care services to prevent illness, relieve suffering, aid in health restoration, and promote wellness. Healthcare education will be provided to the patient, the community, and other health providers. Our services will be cost effective to ascertain affordability to the greatest number of people. We will provide necessary services to any person, without discrimination, within the financial limitations of the organization.

About the Program

East Liverpool City Hospital’s Family Medicine Residency Program, a three-year residency operating in compliance with ACGME standards, is staffed by doctors passionate about teaching and equipping the next generation of physicians to practice in today’s ever-changing world. During concentrated study and hands-on training in this rural practice area serving Appalachia, residents graduate with practical experience and technical skills required for full spectrum family medicine.

Family Med Group - East Liverpool City Hospital

Your Education

The family medicine residency program in East Liverpool, OH, is a three-year program known for its commitment to comprehensive education. With over 70 years of combined real-world medical experience, the program offers a unique blend of clinical expertise.

This program places a strong emphasis on compassionate patient care, fostering dedicated patient-physician relationships. Residents not only receive clinical training but also gain valuable insight through specialized lectures that focus on the business side of medicine, equipping them for successful careers. Furthermore, the program actively encourages residents to take on teaching roles with medical students, enhancing their leadership skills.

Program Highlights

  • Compassionate physicians dedicated to teaching
  • Multiple teaching locations allowing an exposure to a diverse patient population
  • Opportunity to do an international elective
  • Specialized lecture series on the business side of medicine
  • Unique rotation experience with addiction medicine
  • Opportunities to teach medical students
  • Protected Wednesday afternoons for lectures
  • Regular wellness activities
  • Minimal call requirements
  • Educational question bank for each resident
  • Beautiful 5000 sq ft family medicine residency clinic

The program is affiliated with East Liverpool Health System, which is an independent community non-profit hospital that serves several counties, including patients from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. East Liverpool Health System partners is a health system that includes ELCH, River Valley Physicians, The Therapy Center, and Ohio Valley Home Health.