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Therapy & Rehabilitation

At East Liverpool Health System, our therapy programs are an important part of your recovery and method to improving your quality of life.

Therapy is available on-site at ELCH, at The Therapy Center in Calcutta, and in your home. The staff includes experienced therapists, therapy assistants and Athletic Trainers for optimal recovery.

Over 35 Therapists

The Therapy Center includes over 35 trained therapists with various backgrounds to help the people in our region heal and improve their quality of life.
For further information contact us at 330-385-7200.

Therapy & Rehabilitation

YMCA Equipment & Pools

The Therapy Centers in Calcutta have partnered with the YMCA to improve the recovery of patients. People undergoing therapy can take advantage of using the equipment and swimming pools during their recovery.

Following your course of treatment at The Therapy Center patient can maintain the gains they’ve achieved at YMCA. The YMCA will offer several “free” sessions with their trainers so you can continue to improve.


Patients can receive therapies as an inpatient at East Liverpool Health System. Outpatient treatments are performed at The Therapy Centers at the Calcutta YMCA.

For patients that need additional care following a hospital staff can receive Home Health services in their Home. These services are offered in instances where your recovery has limited your ability to drive to therapy. Your care is important to us…we have made it possible for you to receive therapy at home.

  • Basic Physical Therapy Plan
  • What is Physical Therapy?
  • What is Occupational Therapy?
  • Benefits of Speech Therapy

Services We Offer

Athletic Training Services

    • Baseline ImPACT Testing (Concussion Management)
    • Care for injured student athlete following injury with Orthopedics or Primary Care
    • Sports Specific Injury Prevention

    Cardiac Rehabilitation

    **These services are completed on the main campus of East Liverpool Health System. Conveniently located on the 1st floor.

    Cardiac rehab nurses create a program that is designed to return you to the same physical and functional capabilities that you had prior to your cardiac event. The program rehabilitates people that have experienced the following cardiac events:

    • Heart attacks
    • Coronary bypass surgery
    • Chest pain caused by blocked arteries
    • Heart valve replacement
    • Angioplasty or PTCA
    • Heart transplants or heart and lung transplants

    You can expect an exercise and conditioning regimen to be part of your rehabilitation experience. In addition, nurses and dieticians will educate you about your body and nutrition as an aspect of your recovery.

    Home Health Services

      • Physical Therapy
      • Occupational Therapy
      • Speech Therapy

      Occupational Therapy/Certified Hand Therapy

        • Hand Therapy-Services conducted by a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT)
        • Tendon Repairs
        • Hand Trauma
          • Finger Fractures
          • Replantation
          • Toe to Thumb Transfers
        • Elbow Injuries
        • Wound Care
        • Splint Fabrication
          • All treatments related to hand injury; the entire spectrum of Hand Care
          • Dynamic and Static Splinting
        • Nerve injuries
        • Dupytren’s Disease Management

        Outpatient Pediatrics

        Treatment of Pediatric All Pediatric Condition ages range 0-21

        • Autism
        • Down Syndrome
        • Cerebral Palsy
        • Hand-Writing Strategies
        • Attention Deficit Disorder
        • Reading Compression and Written Comprehension
        • Speech Sounds (Articulation)
        • Intellectually Disabled (Formerly Mental Retardation)
        • Treatment of Non-Verbal Children
        • Oppositional Defiance/Behavior Issues
        • Gait Training
        • Early Intervention Children (E.I.)

        Physical Therapy

          • All orthopedic conditions
            • Joint Replacement
            • Low Back Pain
              • Aquatics
            • Neck Pain
            • Shoulder surgeries, including Total Shoulder & Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement
          • General Conditions
            • Deconditioning
            • Vestibular from Concussion and/or General Vestibular or Dizziness
          • General Pain
            • Dry Needling
          • Lymphedema
          • Parkinson’s
            • Big and LOUD program
          • Treatment of Workers Compensation injuries
          • Functional Capacity Evaluations
          • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction/Urinary Incontinence

          School Based Therapy

              • Physical Therapy
              • Occupational Therapy
              • Speech Therapy

              Speech Therapy

                  • Cognitive Deficits
                  • Fluency Disorders
                  • Swallowing Disorders
                  • Expressive and Receptive Language Deficits
                  • Voice and Speech Sound Disorders
                  • Vital-Stim Treatment for Swallowing Disorders
                  • Parkinson’s LOUD programming
                  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
                  • SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding for Pediatric Patients
                  • Pragmatic/Social Deficits
                  • Aural Rehabilitation (Cochlear Implant/Hearing Rehabilitation)
                  • Aphasia and Motor Speech Disorders

                  Sports Medicine

                      The River Valley Physicians Sports Medicine Program is focused on the care of local athletes. From the little league player to the weekend warrior, we manage the needs of the student-athlete to the aging athlete.

                      Our team of skilled professionals include physician’s, orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, and therapists that are focused on the prevention, management, and treatment of athletic injuries. Our goal is to be able to meet all your needs as an athlete by keeping you safe, while helping your body reach its full potential

                      Services include:

                      • Student-Athlete Safety
                      • Sports Specific Injury Prevention
                      • ImPACT testing