Pastoral Care

The hospital chaplain or a chaplain associate, representing the Pastoral Care Department, may visit patients in their rooms to determine if there are any spiritual or personal concerns. Patients and/or family members often find it comforting to talk or pray with these trained, dedicated individuals.

The Pastoral Care Department exists because of a partnership between the hospital and the Tri-State Chaplaincy Committee. Representatives from the area ministerial association and the hospital administration serve on the Chaplaincy Committee. The chaplain is a full-time hospital employee, providing pastoral services to patients and their families.

Pastoral Care

The chaplain responds to medical emergencies 24 hours a day, and is available to families in times of grief and emotional distress. He also trains volunteer chaplain associates and supervises their visits to patients.

The Chaplaincy Committee acts as a liaison between the hospital and the religious community, safeguards patient rights to religious choice and provides educational programs for area clergy. You may request the hospital chaplain through your nurse.
If you wish your pastor or church be notified about your admission, please alert your nurse or hospital chaplain.

The ELCH Chapel is located in the Fisher Solarium on the first floor of the West Wing. It is always open. Patients and visitors are invited to make use of it for prayer, meditation and counseling.