Filing a Complaint

East Liverpool Health System strives to provide quality medical care and caring service. However, in the event of a patient care problem or complaint, a complaint and grievance resolution process is available to patients. Such matters should first be addressed to your nurse or other direct care provider. If the matter is not resolved in a reasonable time, you may ask to speak to a department manager or patient representative. 


A record will be made of your complaint for investigation by the party responsible for the service area.Complaints are reviewed by the Patient Advocate. Generally, you will be contacted by the person investigating your complaint. It is also customary for you to receive a follow-up letter about the assessment of your complaint.

Should you wish to speak to someone at the hospital about a complaint, please call us at 330-386-5890 and let us know which hospital department is the cause for concern. You will be routed to a director of that department. Otherwise, you can use the phone directory under the “connect” section of the web page to locate the appropriate department phone number and request to speak with the department director.

Patients may also file a complaint with the Ohio Department of Health by calling 1-800-342-0553 and/or sending an email to

Medicare beneficiaries may contact KePro, a Quality Improvement Organization, at 1-800-589-7337 and/or The Joint Commission at 1-800-994-6610 and/or through email at

Patients who voice complaints will not be subject to discrimination, reprisal, or interruption of care.