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Behavioral Health for Seniors

An inpatient center, located within East Liverpool Health System, serves the behavioral health care needs of the seniors we provide care for. Our physicians and nurses, compassionately care for and provide assistance to help our patients regain their independence and confidence in overcoming issues impacting their mental well being.

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Behavioral Health for Seniors<br />

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Life’s inevitable changes can impact our loved ones in many ways. Whether a recent death, medical diagnosis, lost job, or an accident triggered a recent change, our loved ones may need the support of medicine and specially trained individuals to enhance their well-being. At East Liverpool Health System, we provide the specialized health care needed to enable patients the opportunity to overcome conditions that may impede daily tasks and their routine functions.

Team Approach to Care

Patients are seen and cared for by psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, and milieu specialists. Each patient is provided a customized treatment program that is specific to their individual needs.

Patients Experience the Benefits of Being Within a Hospital

The benefits of receiving inpatient care include:

  • Patients can receive medication directly from the hospital pharmacy.
  • Patients have physician centered care through accessibility to hospitalists.
  • Patients have case management assistance.
  • Patients have access to spiritual prayer, spiritual guidance, and conversation from our pastoral care volunteers.

In addition, based on the patient’s prognosis, treatment may include: Individual/group therapy, art therapy, and activity therapy.

Please contact us for questions: 330-386-3590

What We Offer

24 hour Nursing Supervision

    Nurses are on staff 24 hours a day to provide patients with medical and psychological care.


        Trained professionals prescribe therapies that help provide short term and long term relief to the patient’s specific condition.

        Inpatient Care for Long Term Success

              Patients who stay on hospital campus property are provided the basic needs during their stay. An inpatient’s stay may last as long as 30 days.

              Family Education and Involvement

                    Family members can be directly involved in group therapy with the patient. Patients and families learn about the diagnosis and about the course of treatment recommended for overcoming problematic conditions and healing.

                    Use of Evidence-based Practices

                          The therapies and medicines used within the program have a proven track record of success based upon their previous uses with similar patient conditions.