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Medical Education

ELCH is a AHA Training Center. The ELCH Medical Education program focuses on your patient care skills and career development. The program offers you many rotations, scheduling options and the faculty provides a well-balanced experience where you gain access to many medical specialties. We prepare you to become an outstanding clinician. Many medical residency programs promote experience by the number of hours they expect you to put in during your 3 year experience. At ELCH, we believe in a different approach. During your residency, you will experience predictable schedules that allow you enjoy the experience, as you will not be expected to take shifts from physicians that have called off for a shift.

If you are a Medical Student that is interested in performing a rotation with our medical residents, contact Diane at 330-386-2793.


Lake Erie College of Medicine

The Medical Education Department is affiliated with the Lake Erie College of Medicine (LECOM), and through this partnership we seek to provide talented medical students with an environment that emphasizes high academic standards, teamwork and excellent patient interaction.

Maximize Your Potential

You will find our faculty provides a supportive atmosphere that lends to your successful transition into a professional through your exposure to medical specialties, the latest medical techniques, experience and a special group of educators. All of this is made possible through a positive learning environment. The best doctors come from actively engaged educators, a strong mentoring program, the most advanced medical techniques and practical exposure to medical disciplines that will drive your interest and influence your career direction.

Benefits of Working in East Liverpool, Ohio

ELCH offers you a small town atmosphere with rural patients that have worked close to the Ohio River which is a prominent part of the community. Many of the patients come from manufacturing and energy careers. While just outside of the city, farming is still a common vocation. The region provides you with experience in caring for many diverse ailments that you would not commonly find while working in larger city hospitals.