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Community Health

On behalf of East Liverpool Health System (ELCH) and the Columbiana County Health Partners, the following Community Health Needs Assessments were conducted in collaboration with area organizations including a partnership with Salem Regional Medical Center. The data collected, analyzed, and represented in these reports are a direct reflection of the community health issues currently being faced in Columbiana County. 
It is our hope that the data will be used as a basis of collaboration between county health care agencies, as it provides a comprehensive look at the health conditions that are currently affecting our county. 

Community Health

The information is useful for health care providers, policy makers, collaborative groups, social service agencies, community groups and organizations, churches, businesses and consumers. Individual or groups of agencies can create plans based on the current data to prioritize responses, develop interventions and commit resources. This data was derived from multiple government, state, and local level resources including a community survey, focus groups and stakeholder meetings. We are “your hospital” and we will continue to support the health of our local communities by endorsing and participating in public health.

The top health needs identified for Columbiana County 2019-2022 CHNA include:

  • Chronic Disease and Obesity
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Access to Healthcare

Reports may be fully accessed in the links below. They were approved by ELCH Board of Directors on July 31, 2019.

Implementation Plan

East Liverpool Health System developed an Implementation Plan based upon the information gathered and analyzed in the 2016 Columbiana County Health Needs Assessment (CCHNA). The assessment identified regional health care conditions that will help organizations prioritize a coordinated response.

Community Health Data & Resources

These links provide you with access health conditions and their prevalence, socioeconomic conditions and environmental information and additional data that has been collected to assist you with observing the current path to better health and wellness.

If you have a comment, suggestions for improvement or wish to provide feedback about the Community Needs Assessment, please email Jayne Rose at